Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Years Resolution: Daily Quests

First of all Happy New Year! So I am sure many of you are making new years resolutions to work out more, eat healthier, be more productive etc. but for me one of my new years resolutions is to be more consistent with daily quests. In the past I had been very up and down with my daily quests, but I hope to knock out at least a few each day on my mage and possibly other characters. So to aid those of you who are sharing in the same goal as me, AutoTurnIn is an addon to help speed up the process a little.

AutoTurnIn is an addon that does exactly what the name sounds like. It turns in and accepts quests for you and can even be configured to select rewards based on certain parameters. While it may seem trivial you would be surprised how much easier collecting and turning in a handful a dailies can be. Does that 2-5 minutes really make a ton of difference? Probably not, but the perception is there and sometimes that's all you need to power through those quests for the day. Let me know if you have found any other addons that you like for doing dailies.


Saturday, December 29, 2012


So you are looking to go from occasional gold maker to big time seller with a major footprint on your server? Well look no further than TradeSkillMaster or TSM as it is commonly referred to. TSM is a modular collection of addons used by many of the richest members of the WOW community to run their operation.

TSM and all of it's modules can be found here.

My plan was to do a few in depth posts looking at how to set up TSM as well as some of the more advanced tips I have learned through using it, but Faid over at Clockworkriot.com has produced a few videos that do a pretty good job of teaching you what you need to know to get started with your gold making empire.

Her videos can be found here.

Hope this helps those of you who aren't familiar with TSM. If you have any questions fell free to leave me a comment and look for more addon updates and guides in the future.


Friday, December 28, 2012

The great auctioning addon debate

It's the debate I've heard for a long time, which auctioning addon is "the best"? Well, first we need to understand that there is no "best" auctioning addon. It all is dependent upon what you want, what is best for you may not be the best for someone else. So, what are some of the options? And how do they stack up?

1. Auctioneer (release and beta versions can also be found at their website here)

Auctioneer is the original auction house replacement addon. It is a large suite of addons which all work together to help you watch the auction house, keep a database on prices, and help you find deals. Auctioneer is often used just show what an item's value is, however very few people unlock the full potential of auctioneer. Through the use of custom searches and batch posting and many other features auctioneer allows gold makers from those with a few copper to millions of gold to get more out of the auction house. Along with these advantages however, auctioneer comes with two major drawbacks, size and speed. With the whole suite installed, the auctioneer package has a large footprint. In addition, scanning and storing item data with auctioneer is slow to say the least. Because of these major drawbacks, many have decided to move onto other auction house replacement addons.

For those who want a smaller footprint but a few less features, there are two main choices I have used.

2. Auctionlite 

Auctionlite brings in clean tabs for buying and selling, as well as the ability to scan to store item price data. It supports tooltip information for item pricing and setting favorites for items you buy frequently That's it, if you want an extremely streamlined way to buy and sell goods on the auction house this here is your cup of tea.

3. Auctionator

For those who find auctioneer to large and auctionlite too little, your happy medium will probably be auctionator. Auctionator brings in all the basic functions from auctionlite as well as a few other features. It keeps a history of all items posted (also present in auctioneer) and allows you to make new posts based off previous prices. In addition it allows you to create shopping lists for more customized searching and purchasing and best of all the full auction house scan takes around 30 seconds in comparison to a 5-10 minute scan for auctioneer.

My personal preference? I run both auctioneer and auctionator on my gold making characters and just auctionator on the others. Are you using the default auction house window still? What other addons are do you like for the auction house? Stay tuned for some posts on my primary addon for making gold Trade Skill Master.


Thursday, December 27, 2012


So, I was strolling through blogger and just so happened to notice that this blog has been getting views even since I have stopped posting on it. I miss writing posts, but am never really consistent to post so we'll see if I stick to posting or if I post for a few weeks again and fizzle out. I have been doing a lot of gold making in game lately so maybe I'll post about the addons I use or something. Either way, if you have found your way here and want to see anything leave a comment.


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hey I should probably write a post today...

Nah!!! Let's just keep playing Starcraft II!

One more game then I HAVE to go write a post... or I could play two more...

Wow! it's been like a month since I posted last... but Starcraft is calling my name, must go play more...

So there it is, I have been buried in Starcraft II. I had the campaign done the first night I had it, and 75% gold for the challenge modes are now finished. I am sorry everyone for the lack of posts, I promise more addon information will be coming. Stay tuned I plan to have some content here real soon, I just have to kill some more zerg first...

Friday, July 16, 2010


Yes, it's true, I do indeed have too many, but that is not the point. The point is that there is an addon out there called TooManyAddons. Now, I will let you in on a little secret. This addon is one of my new favorites, simply because of what it allows me to do.
TMA allows me to make profiles of different addons I want to load. Thus I don't have to load every addon I would use in every situation. I personally have a profile set up where I have every addon I use to make gold (auctioneer, KTQ, Quick auctions and many others) and a profile for my Mage in PVP and one for my mage in raiding.

This creation of profiles is great not only because they exist, but because they are easily swappable. Say you just got invited to a raid, but your UI is set up for PVP. Not to worry, just return to the main menu (default: escape) click on the new button that says addons. Then, select your raiding profile, hit reloadui, and BAM! you are ready to go. This is just the beginning of the potential of this addon.

Download TMA Here

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Arena Player's Must Have Addons

So this past week I have been doing a large amount of PVP on my mage, in particular arenas. So I thought I would go through what I see as the must haves for arenas. One of the biggest parts of PVP addons is the importance of the presentation of information in a quick, easy to recognize format which will make your reaction time better. I thought I would compile a list of addons which I see as doing this. This is in no way shape or form all encompassing, it is just my personal recommendations.