Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Up and Running!

Well I am back in business! My UI is back to it's old self again :) hooray for cleanliness. Now to get back to the addons...

Today I would like to feature a new addon that was just recently released. This addon takes a note from Microsoft word and allows you to see misspelled words when you are typing a message in chat? Doesn't seem like huge deal, but to those of us who are angered by their lack of spelling abilities (Like me) it is a great tool. You can find misspelled here.

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Well today my WOW client had a fatal error, I quickly restarted to see if I could load up, sadly to no avail. I repaired and held my breath... nothing. I uninstalled and reinstalled all three games, and many hours later I was on, the game ran and all looked well. That is, until I signed in.

The thing I had prided myself most on was gone. My WTF folder, although I had attempted to back it up before reinstall, was corrupted :( I had to revert to an old backup that is nowhere near as close to my liking. Well tomorrow is another day. I will fix my interface... eventually.


Today I would like to share on of my favorite addons with you.
Have you ever decided to change up addons while playing? Say you forgot to enable deadly boss mods. Well normally you have to logout, enable the addon, and then log back in. This process often becomes very annoying and time consuming.

Thus to remedy this situation I present to the addon Loadit. This addon allows you to load any addon you had installed when you started WOW without having to logout, enable, and log back in. You are simply a click and a /reloadui away from having that addon enabled.

At first glance this sounds like it wouldn't be a very big deal, However, after using this addon for over a year now I can tell you that you save a lot of time being able to have this freedom.

You can find Loadit here

What addons do you enjoy? how do you have your interface configured? Email ideas or screenshots to

Monday, May 11, 2009

Rating Buster

Hey guys Valrot here again. Today's addon is one I use quite often, and also was recommended by reader Adam T. Today's addon is called rating buster. This addon is great for helping you make those choices for which piece of gear is better. It adds extra information to your tooltip when you mouse over a piece of gear.

You can find this addon on here
And on here

I hope you guys enjoy this addon.
Email me with any addon suggestions or pictures of how you have your interface designed at

Friday, May 1, 2009

Grid: The basics of configuration

Hey guys it's Valrot again. Today I received a comment by Onewing. He asked me to explain the difference between unit frame addons and addons such as grid. The very basic difference between addons such as pitbull or xperl and grid is that grid is a way to easily display a large amount of information about members of your party in well a grid. Where as addons such as Xperl or Pitbull allow for configuration of frames such as player, target, target's target, focus, pet, as well as offering configuration of party and raid frames. I personally am not as huge of a fan of xperl or pitbull's raid frames as I am of using grid.

For those of you who are looking for an addon which will allow you to configure your party/raid frames into a neat setup I highly recommend grid. This addon does take some time to configure. however, would like to point you towards a video made by Paxnot which helped make that process easier for me and hopefully for you.

I did not create this video, and do not take credit for it.

I hope this addon helps you to develop a cleaner better interface.

Thanks for reading,