Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Years Resolution: Daily Quests

First of all Happy New Year! So I am sure many of you are making new years resolutions to work out more, eat healthier, be more productive etc. but for me one of my new years resolutions is to be more consistent with daily quests. In the past I had been very up and down with my daily quests, but I hope to knock out at least a few each day on my mage and possibly other characters. So to aid those of you who are sharing in the same goal as me, AutoTurnIn is an addon to help speed up the process a little.

AutoTurnIn is an addon that does exactly what the name sounds like. It turns in and accepts quests for you and can even be configured to select rewards based on certain parameters. While it may seem trivial you would be surprised how much easier collecting and turning in a handful a dailies can be. Does that 2-5 minutes really make a ton of difference? Probably not, but the perception is there and sometimes that's all you need to power through those quests for the day. Let me know if you have found any other addons that you like for doing dailies.