Thursday, April 30, 2009

I want your suggestions

Hey guys Valrot here. I want to take the time to welcome all of those who heard about my blog from Markco over at Just My Two Copper. For those of you who are addon and interface fanatics I would like to hear you recommendations for addons you would like to see featured or would like me to see.

I am also considering doing a featured UI of the week so if you think your UI is great and is worth showing off to the public feel free to email me with a link to the screenshot.

I currently in the future have plans for videos on Pitbull 4, Bartender 4, and power auras, so stay tuned in the future to see these if you are interested.

Thanks for reading,


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Dynamic Performance

Welcome back, Valrot here with another addon to share with everyone.

Have you ever found yourself getting mad at having to go in and change those graphics again because you re going into a 25 man raid? Ever wonder what your computer is capable of? Well then you may like today's addon, it's called Dynamic Performance. This addon allows you to set a framerate that you want WOW to run at and the addon will adjust your graphics setting in real time as you play. This game has saved me from many a deaths due to lag in Wintergrasp. I hope you guys enjoy this one.

You can find it here. It is a fan fix but works with 3.1 and still does the job.

If you have an addon to suggest or any questions regarding an addon feel free to email me at

Monday, April 20, 2009


Hey guys Valrot again, I wanted to share with you an addon that is very simple but very useful. Today's addon is Align. Another addition to the video I forgot to mention is that you can also type /align 64 to bring up a grid made of smaller squares. Hope you enjoy it.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

I'm a convert!

Hey guys it's Valrot again. today I am gonna discuss my recent conversion from Xperl to Pitbull. I decided that the reason I had alway decided Xperl was better than Pitbull was because the idea of going through the config process of Pitbull is well, extremely daunting. However, yesterday I decided was going to sit down and just set up pitbull to see what all the talk truly was about. It wasn't easy, and it wasn't fast but I have officially switched to using Pitbull.

Right now my UI is under reconstruction looking into the addon autobar for my mage, I currently use it for my low level hunter because there weren't as many options for him as there are for Valrot. I will give you guys an updated screenshot when it is done.


Played with Autobar, still feels like it has a lot of kinks to work out even with a new config setup. I decided to stick with my current set up.

Minimap Button Frame

Hey guys Valrot here again. This time with my first video hope you enjoy this simple addon called minimap button frame. It can be found at both and

Warning: The Carbonite Questing addon and MBF do not like each other when it comes to minimap buttons, Carbonite now has a option to do what MBF does, but I do not find it as clean.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Top Five Addons I Can't Live Without

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome everyone to my first blog post. Now that we have that out of the way... I would like to dive right into the top five addons I can not live without. I plan to do a series on how to configure these addons in the future but for now here is the list for those of you tinkerers out there who want to try there hand at them.

5. Auctioneer:

The best auctioning addon I have found to date. This addon stores prices of items and makes posting items on the auction house a breeze. Batch posting is one of the greatest advantages to auctioneer that many other auction addons don't have. You would be surprised how much money you can make by using the search functions of this addon correctly.

4. ArkInventory:

Great way to organize your inventory. Allows you to break your bags into separate components for different types of items. As well as adding a search function. On top of all of this it allows you to view your bank or the inventory of your alts.

3. Quest Helper:

The way to get things done, period. This addon shows you where to go to finish those quests, gain that experience, and level that toon of yours. The common other choice to fill this role is Carbonite. I personally find having two minimaps to be annoying and found myself hiding the Carbonite map more than I looked at it.

2. Bartender4:

An action bar mod used to customize the look of your spells, abilities, and macros. I have found this addon to be the best balance between ease of use and functionality. One of the great things about addons such as these is the breeze of setting keybinds. No more searching through the menu trying to choose the right button to bind for the right spell.

1. Xperl Unit Frames:

The top addon I could not live without. I simply love the information that is shown as well as the clean style it appears in. There is less clutter and less empty space in awkward places compared to the original unit frames provided by Blizzard. Although others may push for addons such as Pitbull or AG_Unit Frames I find Xperl to take the shortest time to set up to reach a playable settup.

After trying out Pitbull I prefer it, however it takes a long time to configure.

What are the top five addons you have found you just could never live without?

Look for videos in the near future of how to configure these addons and some ideas of how to make your interface clean and neat. Thanks for reading.