Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Top Five Addons I Can't Live Without

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome everyone to my first blog post. Now that we have that out of the way... I would like to dive right into the top five addons I can not live without. I plan to do a series on how to configure these addons in the future but for now here is the list for those of you tinkerers out there who want to try there hand at them.

5. Auctioneer:

The best auctioning addon I have found to date. This addon stores prices of items and makes posting items on the auction house a breeze. Batch posting is one of the greatest advantages to auctioneer that many other auction addons don't have. You would be surprised how much money you can make by using the search functions of this addon correctly.

4. ArkInventory:

Great way to organize your inventory. Allows you to break your bags into separate components for different types of items. As well as adding a search function. On top of all of this it allows you to view your bank or the inventory of your alts.

3. Quest Helper:

The way to get things done, period. This addon shows you where to go to finish those quests, gain that experience, and level that toon of yours. The common other choice to fill this role is Carbonite. I personally find having two minimaps to be annoying and found myself hiding the Carbonite map more than I looked at it.

2. Bartender4:

An action bar mod used to customize the look of your spells, abilities, and macros. I have found this addon to be the best balance between ease of use and functionality. One of the great things about addons such as these is the breeze of setting keybinds. No more searching through the menu trying to choose the right button to bind for the right spell.

1. Xperl Unit Frames:

The top addon I could not live without. I simply love the information that is shown as well as the clean style it appears in. There is less clutter and less empty space in awkward places compared to the original unit frames provided by Blizzard. Although others may push for addons such as Pitbull or AG_Unit Frames I find Xperl to take the shortest time to set up to reach a playable settup.

After trying out Pitbull I prefer it, however it takes a long time to configure.

What are the top five addons you have found you just could never live without?

Look for videos in the near future of how to configure these addons and some ideas of how to make your interface clean and neat. Thanks for reading.



  1. Have you tried bartender with dual specs? Unless your abilities are the same keys for both specs, you have to change the setup every time :(

  2. I use similar keybinding however my bartender switches as I switch specs with my dual spec. Make sure you have the most up to date version and see if the problem persists

  3. I've ran into the same issue as Markco (thx for the reference of this site btw).

    When I switch spec, I have to change my action bar setup.

    I remember seeing an add-on that creates virtual profiles specifically for dual specs, I just can't remember the name :-( Maybe this would solve the issue.

  4. I use bartender and, like Valrot, it remembers and automatically switches between two distinct button sets when I swap between my dual specs.

  5. Commenting for the sake of commenting with my own top five (as a roleplayer):

    FlagRSP2, created by Feathermoon's own Trela.
    - For those that do roleplay it's an aodd-on that allows you to write up your character's last name, description, etc. Especially useful to help find other roleplayers.

    - This one is useful even for people that -aren't- roleplayers. It's used to change outfits rapidly from presaved ones. My wife uses it to change from her druid's tanking set to his feral set without having to dig through her bags.

    - Yes, I could write a (fairly long) macro to do exactly what this add-on does, but I'd much rather have somebody else do it for me. If you're a mount collector, but don't like having to dig through your profile to find one, just bind this to two keys and it randomly chooses one from your selection.

    - Whether you're a hard-core roleplayer that wants your characters to say dramatic things while fighting, or you're the raid funny-man that yells 'Pow!' every time you Thunderstomp, this add-on can be customized to suit your interests.

    - As an alt-o-holic, it's nice to have an add-on that tells you which of your characters has the most money/experience/rested experience/etc so that you can choose which one would be the most profitable to work on at any given time.

    The last two have yet to be updated for the most recent patch.

    -Tufak of Feathermoon

  6. I have had little to no problems using Bartender4 with dual spec, as long as I kept it uptodate.

  7. My top 5- These are the ones, that after a patch, I start looking for right away.

    5. Engbags- I tried ArkInventory, but I liked the simplicity of Engbags and especially like that it auto sorts.

    4. Sexymap--I just think it is cool.

    3. Bartender 4-by far the easiest barmod to use.

    2. Ratingbuster- Great tool to compare gear

    1. GRID--Once again, the easiest unit frame to set up and use.

    It is tough to decide on a top 5, but these are the ones I look for first.

  8. Titan panels should be rated quite high imo. They provide alot of infomation for example. Repair %. Gold on each alt/total for realm. Co-ords. Bag space etc.. Prolly rated in the 5-10 addons i cannot live without.

    Xperl for me being #1 too.

  9. yeah, the only reason I did not choose a addon sucha s titan panel, fubar, or any addons of the like is because of the fact that although they are great they only truly reach their full potential when you are using multiple addons which plug into addons like TP or FB. So for me I love using an addon like this however I couldn't include on my top 5 because of this reason

  10. I personally use Pitbull and Dominos instead of Bartender and XPerl. I have used both quite a long time, but I like dominos more. Mainly because now the add-on works perfect with dual spec, changing all your bars.

  11. I love dominos for ease of configuration. I use a Nostromo left hand keypad, and dominos lets me set my icon config to exactly match my button layout, making swapping around MUCH more intuitive.

    I'd add Altoholic to my list of must-haves, especially if you have a bank alt or bank alt guild.

  12. 1. Bartender
    As a hunter I have far too many buttons that I need to have up. Change what I am tracking, what aspect im using. All the differnt shots and strings. Traps. I have to use this addon.

    2. Deadly boss mod
    Must have for raids.

    3. Icehud
    I play on a large monitor and haveing my health on the top left corner is a bit lame. Icehud puts it in some nice transparent bars right beside my character. It also has some nice features like when I am getting healed with a spell, it will show me around where my health will be after the spell.

    4. Omen
    Used it for years and its saved me so much from over agroing mobs.

    Really handy. Only really use it to show many details on my target but its so handy. WIll show me what type they are, pc of health left, health in units, who they are targeting, name of the spell they are casting. Really nice.