Thursday, April 30, 2009

I want your suggestions

Hey guys Valrot here. I want to take the time to welcome all of those who heard about my blog from Markco over at Just My Two Copper. For those of you who are addon and interface fanatics I would like to hear you recommendations for addons you would like to see featured or would like me to see.

I am also considering doing a featured UI of the week so if you think your UI is great and is worth showing off to the public feel free to email me with a link to the screenshot.

I currently in the future have plans for videos on Pitbull 4, Bartender 4, and power auras, so stay tuned in the future to see these if you are interested.

Thanks for reading,



  1. How about explaining the difference between a true unit frames addon and something like Grid. I know they aren't the same, but I don't exactly know how or why or how you could use them together.

  2. Would be good having tutorials for BindPad and Macaroon

  3. Covering about something that lots of good ui's know but people don't know much about can make a great difference. kgpanels(or eepanels 2) is the first example that comes to the mind. pitbull & grid are also very nice examples.

  4. Hi, very good idea of a blog !

    Suggestions :

    - SellJunk, a very nice addon for leveling or farming. you can quickly set it up to auto sell your grey whenever you open a vendor. sweet.

    - could you write a bit more what the addon you present does or is useful for ? The videos are a bit long "doing nothing" until we see the addon in action (I watched the Align and Minimap Button ones)

    - Is there a way to download already configured pitbull or xperl ? I really don't want to go through the setup process, yet I find the uis very nice.

    - do you know where to find a step by step tutorial for bartendar4, once again I never had the courage to install and check it, it all sounds too much burden to setup ^^

    Keep up the good work !

  5. My -Great- addons: Addon Control Panel, AHSearch, AlwyaysLFG, Arathi Basin Helper, Auc:Util:BigPicture, Auto Accept Invite, AutoTurnIn, Baggins, Auto Destroy, Bad Boy, Bejeweled/Peggle, Bugsack, ClassTimer, Elkano's BuffBars, Factionizer, Fishing Buddy, FuBar, Gnomish Yellow Pages, Hat Trick, LoggerHead, MalygosCP, Message Redirect, Mountiful, Overachiever, Outfitter, Postal, Prat, Quartz, RatingBuster, SexyMap, Talented, TipTac, tekKompare, VendorBait

    Normally I would never link that many addons in a reccomendation cause I know people usually skip Wall o' texts. But trust me, these are all great addons I use more than several times aday :P

  6. i've recently fallen in love with altoholic - it's made life so much easier...

    lightheaded is also a GREAT addon for someone like me who is newer to the game!

    but the addons i really want to try and don't know much about are atlasloot and pitbull...

  7. you should cover itemrack or outfitter for the people who have dual specs so that they're gear will automatically change when they switch between specs!

  8. Jim, Atlas loot is a very simple addon allowing you to view what drops from certain bosses in instances, faction rewards, different gear sets, and pretty much any valuable piece of gear you could think of. It is one of the easiest addons to configure. I hope you give it a try and let me know what your opinion of it is.

  9. My suggestion is : VuhDo

    A recent addition to the various healing-frames that exist. The author is very responsive to suggestions and there is a large thread at the community forums.

  10. Thanks for blogging Varlot!

    I would like to see the occasional discussion about addons that are needed, but have not yet been created. I think it could be a good resource for potential addon authors.

    Otherwise, I'd suggest focusing on the obscure addons that we may not have heard about.

    Thanks again.

  11. Auracle -- Hugely powerful, if a bit of a pain in the rear to set up.

    Buggrabber/Bugsack -- oddly enough, a lot of people don't know about these.

    Data Broker -- Simple, highly configurable, a lot of mods out for it now, but a lot more confusing to people then Fubar/Titan. A lot of people could use some help understanding these.

    MakeRocketGoNow -- a databroker's databroker.

    Azcastbar -- better then the showing-its-age Quartz, imho.

    Badboy -- Gold sellers reported and you not annoyed, what's not to like?

    BanzaiAlert -- There's nothing like a voice saying "Agro!" to tell you that you... Well, have agro.

    Kennel/Squire -- All your pets/mounts want some time in the sun...

    Pitbull4_Aurabar -- combined with Pitbull4, healer heaven.

    Runepack -- everything a DK needs to know, and it looks good.

    Talented -- When we only had one spec to keep track of this was good, with two it's essential.

  12. Dont know if this is the right place or not but I have an addon suggestion dont know if it exists or not but here it is A tab in the guild bank that shows peoples professions maybe even sets up some type of ordering system instead of having to ask over guild chat or use a website.

    sorry if this isnt the right spot if so please ignore or delete the post if so any addon makers able to do it please do and take all credit for the idea:)

  13. @ anonymous

    Try checking out the gnomish yellow pages, it will track the professions of people as you come across them (guild, trade, friends list etc) so you can view it even when they're offline, and find out who you need to talk to.

  14. thanks frizzl dont sound exactly like what I was looking for but probably the closest ill get :)

  15. i was wrong frizzl outside of a guild bank storage area this is exactly what I was looking for thank you

  16. This addons ounds great Iw ill most definately give it a try thanks for the suggestion Frizzle. I am still looking to see what everyone's UI looks like feel free to email me your screenshots.

  17. Ratingsbuster is one of my favorite addons. It gives you the ability to quickly compare gear pieces and see just how they would effect your stats. Everything is color coded so you can quickly see if a drop is an upgrade.

  18. What's the best tool tip frame?

    What's the best out of the box, and the best post config?

    Cowtip, Tinytip, BlizzardUI's?

  19. I personally prefer tiptac, cowtip is the most configurable I have found, however I like the look and feel of tiptac as well as the freedom of placing the anchor wherever you like. Cowtip gives you preset locations to choose from.