Sunday, April 19, 2009

I'm a convert!

Hey guys it's Valrot again. today I am gonna discuss my recent conversion from Xperl to Pitbull. I decided that the reason I had alway decided Xperl was better than Pitbull was because the idea of going through the config process of Pitbull is well, extremely daunting. However, yesterday I decided was going to sit down and just set up pitbull to see what all the talk truly was about. It wasn't easy, and it wasn't fast but I have officially switched to using Pitbull.

Right now my UI is under reconstruction looking into the addon autobar for my mage, I currently use it for my low level hunter because there weren't as many options for him as there are for Valrot. I will give you guys an updated screenshot when it is done.


Played with Autobar, still feels like it has a lot of kinks to work out even with a new config setup. I decided to stick with my current set up.


  1. I hope you tried out Pitbull 4. It's significantly simpler to setup. Basically, you create a handful of profiles, and then assign them to groups, where you can refine them a bit further.

    For instance I have a detailed layout that I like to use for my player frame and target frame. I use this at 75% size for my party frames.

    Then I have a 'tiny' layout I use for 25 and 40 man raid groups, and a slightly more detailed one for 10 mans.

    Once these base layouts are created, it's just a matter of assigning them and tweaking them within the group setup.

  2. Yeah I am using Pitbull 4. It actually was the Layouts that convinced me not to give up on Pitbull after 10 min like I had in the past. And now because I didn't give up I am a convert.

  3. try agunit frame, pitbut 4 yet? They are more managable than pitbull 3. But my favourite raid frame is Underhood - being highly configurable while not impossible to customize without coding knowledge like oUF frames and the like.

  4. I was an AG fan for a long time, I used to raid with it on my human mage back during BC. However I have found other addons to be more to my liking than AG and really haven't looked back. I have given oUF a try and enjoyed it, but found it was just too much work to move frames most of the time. I will definately look into Underhood. Thanks for the tip

  5. I am also a recent convert from xperl - pitbull.

    The setup and config did take a little time but now that I have my profiles and layouts saved and have become familiar with the interface it isn't too bad.

    There are some features that I either can't find/make work or are missing, and I wonder if you know more about these!

    1. Party targets. When tanking it helps to know who your party are targetting. Easy done with xperl, not sure about pitbull. TBH this one I haven't even tried to solve as I just started using Grid for party frames...

    2. Buff highlighting. The buff filtering options in pitbull are somewhat daunting, and I haven't changed much there. As a DK what I need to know is which of my diseases are on my target and how long they have left. Pitbull shows me all diseases, which is fine until there are a bunch of DKs around. Xperl would make my diseases (or any debuffs) display with a larger icon and a bigger timer (the pitbull debuff countdown timer is so tiny I can't really read it)

    3. Configuration mode. I had a look at this, thought to myself what the heck is going on there, and haven't looked at it again. What's all that stuff about when you switch on config mode and do you use it?

    Enjoying the blog, keep it up!