Monday, May 11, 2009

Rating Buster

Hey guys Valrot here again. Today's addon is one I use quite often, and also was recommended by reader Adam T. Today's addon is called rating buster. This addon is great for helping you make those choices for which piece of gear is better. It adds extra information to your tooltip when you mouse over a piece of gear.

You can find this addon on here
And on here

I hope you guys enjoy this addon.
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  1. This is a good addon, especially for stat-wise comparison. However, for a more 'wholistic' comparison, I prefer Pawn for that. Takes one additional step in setting up in that you need to input stat string(s) for your spec(s) but those can be found either on the Pawn forum or on various class sites/blogs.

  2. I've been a fan of Rating Buster for a long time. I like that it tells you exactly what you're getting and losing when you switch items. A word of advice for classes with forms/stances, make sure you're in the form for which you are comparing items. Otherwise, RB won't show you bonuses for those stances.


    The problem I have with pawn is that it only tells you a relative ranking based on the numbers you input, and is automatic after that. I like to be able to directly compare each stat, and determine based on that which is better.

  3. Wolf that is an excellent point for classes such as druids

  4. yeah i play a druid and use this add on i must say it's probly the most handy one i have installed takes all the thinking out of gearing up and it is true make sure you are in the correct stance or form ive missed out on some loot in the past by making that mistake lol.

  5. I love this addon, i use ratingbuster too on my higherlvls (where there is all the equip: ...)

    Great blog btw!