Saturday, May 16, 2009


Today I would like to share on of my favorite addons with you.
Have you ever decided to change up addons while playing? Say you forgot to enable deadly boss mods. Well normally you have to logout, enable the addon, and then log back in. This process often becomes very annoying and time consuming.

Thus to remedy this situation I present to the addon Loadit. This addon allows you to load any addon you had installed when you started WOW without having to logout, enable, and log back in. You are simply a click and a /reloadui away from having that addon enabled.

At first glance this sounds like it wouldn't be a very big deal, However, after using this addon for over a year now I can tell you that you save a lot of time being able to have this freedom.

You can find Loadit here

What addons do you enjoy? how do you have your interface configured? Email ideas or screenshots to


  1. The functionality sounds the same as Ampere, an addon from Tekkub. Knowing how fanatical Tekkub is about efficient coding, it probably has smaller memory usage too.

  2. I will definately take a look at ampere. Thanks for the suggestion.

  3. I'm definitely checking this one out!
    Also the above mentioned Tekkub version.

  4. I have to say after testing I like tekkub's version solely because it has broker support.

  5. You might also want to consider TooManyAddons. It also allows you to set profiles. I have several profiles setup: default, raiding, battlegrounds, professions and questing. Depending on what I am doing I just load the relevant profile.

  6. Having profiles also enables you to save your default profile in case you want to go bughunting.
    Disable half of your addons, if the error/bug persists, disable half of the remaining addons and reload again. That way you can narrow it down to a single addon with just a few reloads.

  7. I used TooManyAddons for a while, and loved it, but recently changed to Addon Control Panel(ACP). While it is missing the ability to load profiles with a simple /command, it lets you save sets of addons and add and remove them from the current selection. I have my basic set, a set that I add when I am in the city with my auction utilites, I can then remove just that set when I am done. I have a Raiding Blacklist set of all the addons I MAY have loaded but do not want running when I am raiding. Would be perfect if I could "/acp remove Raiding Blacklist" when I go into raiding mode, or "/acp add City" when I am heading to town.