Friday, June 26, 2009

Reader UI: Zupa

Hey guys, I recently received an email from a reader named Zupa. He sent me his UI. Some of the things I think Zupa did right is the placement fo grid for his party. Although it is clean which I really like, I feel that the use of Spartan UI is a little too domineering of the screen space. What do you guys think? Do you like spartan UI?

Zupa is using:
grid + grid mana bars
miks scolling battle text
quest helper
titan panel
yuri's rune watch
satrina buff bars
auracle - check this out if you havent already!
power auras

Think your UI is well developed? Is it a good example of how to make a good interface? feel free to share it, and some day you may just see it here


  1. I don't like SpartanUI exactly for it's dominance. I prefer much cleaner and smaller bars (by bartender), which take about one half of Spartan's on my laptop.
    Also, i never understood concept of placing minimap at the center of the screen. Does anyone really need to look there so often? And it consumes a large chunk of precious space.

  2. I agree with your opinion on the minimap livercat

  3. long time reader, first time poster, so here we go.
    party grouping is ok i think (although a dk could only have use of it as a tank).
    spartanUI is really dominating this UI. i also prefer bartender + a nice texture from button facade. has a nice style too, but it appears much cleaner.
    besides this, a would recommend to place rune bar information more on top, otherwise you're a stuck at the bottom of your screen.

  4. the reason for mvign the minimap to the center is to make less eyemovement. I have a center loaded low UI so that I can see everything very quickly. I am a raid leader so I use my minimap to see where my group is and help direct them.

  5. What sits at the center of your screen is what you need to focus on the most. In my ui, I set up my raid frames in the center because I mostly play healer toons, and I need to watch health bars all the time (and my healing buttons are below it, so I can also check on the gcd).
    And even when playing as tank or dps, I rarely had the need to see the minimap; I never raidleadered before (I'm usually more like an 'advisor' guy regarding raids), but I rather watch my screen to see where people are positioned than at the minimap.
    If anyone care to know what I'm talking about, that's a ss from my ui: (it's a bit old, replaced sexymap with chinchilla, tweaked a bit since then, but the positioning is still the same.)

  6. I agree with what you guys are saying re: spartan being too domineering of your screen space. It certainly only works for me because I use a widescreen monitor.

    I rather like it though, so my plan to fix it is to switch off it's unit frames altogether and replace them with pitbull.

    As for the runes, I seem to be peculiar among DKs in that I hardly ever look at them, so I put them out of the way. Perhaps I've just become too accustomed to watching cooldowns on the spells themselves... so that's why I have the big spammable buttons on the left, the other's are too tiny to look at during a fight.

    @ Dr.Baegga, Can we see your UI? I'd like to see the button facade texture you mentioned.

  7. @Guinnyn, what are the boxes in the middle-right, under the buff bars? Is that part of grid and what does it do?

  8. bluefade, that is decursive in guinnyn's UI, each box is a different party member, when someone gets cursed/poison/etc. they will change to a certain color and you can click them to well decurse them.