Saturday, June 5, 2010

Mail made easy!

So today I thought I would highlight two addons which I really like, both of which have to do with mail. The first of which, Postal, redesigns the mailbox, it allows you to check by specific mail and then click open to open any random grouping of mail you want, it also has the open all option. In addition you can set what you want it to open when you do open all. For example, I have the open all on my bank alt to only open successful auction mail. Postal can be found at curse here, or at wowinterface here

The second mod I would like to highlight is called bulkmail2. This addon allows you to set up item groupings to send to certain characters, so that when you type in that characters name the item pops up in the small window added, and then gives you an option to click send and mail all of that item you have to that character. One thing to remember is that you have to do the configuration through the minimap button. I spent probably 20 minutes sitting there going I am adding this item to the list in this letter, but it is not auto sending, so just keep that in mind. You can find bulkmail2 here

Well I hope you all enjoy both of these addons. I know I do,


  1. I can definitely agree on postal, I never play without it now.

  2. Mailopener is a great mail tool. It automatically reloads the mail box every, once in a while, so you can open hundreds of mail without reloading your ui every 50 mail.