Saturday, July 11, 2009

Quick Auctions

Hey guys, I wanted tos hare with you a nice little addon which makes auctioning of items you sell a lot, such as glyphs, consumables, or trade goods, incredibly easy. This addon is Quick Auctions. What it does is check the price of the item and posts yours undercutting the competition, as long as the price is over a certain amount. What makes this great for glyphs is that it will quickly check to see if you have been undercut and cancels your auction so you can go back and repost it lower than your competition.

You can find Quick Auctions here

The only real downside I have found with quick auctions is that it requires /commands to set it up.

However to combat this problem there is a very simple guide over at the forums about setting it up for the glpyh business, but can also be applied to many others. This guide can be found here


  1. Hey Valrot, it's been nearly 2 months since your last post, did you quit blogging?

  2. Looks like it
    It was a rather solid blog idea but, oh well.

  3. I had intended to continue, however life is well crazy, I started college recently. I intend to return sometime when the stress of life settles down