Monday, July 6, 2009

Reader UI: Mygda

Hey guys, Valrot here with another interface for you guys to take a look at.
This week we have Mygda's interface, the cool thing about Mygda's UI is well it is so completely different. You see most of the usual interfaces, many of which look similar to blizzard's default or similar to mine, Mygda completely broke free of the usual for his UI. Before you go screaming anything about not liking it, you need to read what he has to say showing why his UI is built the way it is.

"After i took a look at zupa's UI and with the intention to improve the discussion about "a good and welldeveloped interface" I would also like to share my ideas. first, you can have a look at my dk's UI (appendix). I know it looks a bit strange and totally off of the ideas behind common interfaces. but let me explain my thoughts behind this: overall, i want a very minimalistic one (love those). at the same time i want all necessary information (linke omen, player and target frame, proccs) on a place where i can find them quickly. so i did a few tests on myself and found out that your eyes are in the middle of the screen in most of the time. so i put all these data to the middle. next step, i read some articles about the brain and how your two halfs works together and so on. there i found out that clear data is best recognized on the right side of your view. so i put all important data (like player/target frame, omen, rune bars) on the right side. the not important ones like chat frames and minimap are also placed in the middle, but left hand side. the result of these observations you can see in the picture. my main attacks (aren't that much for dk pve) are used via keybindings and placed on a hidden action bar. the bars over the player frame are trinkets/pots and on-click attacks like dancing rune weapon for example. also i'd filter target's debuffs and only represent my deseases. boss has just the hp perventage (the rest is displayed via the tooltip window^^) party frame is normaly in the lower right corner, more to the bottom (as a dk dd u don't really need them :p )

And here is two pics showing off Mygda's UI:

mygda 1


Mygda's UI is using:
AG Unit Frames
Bartender 4
Button Facade (with the Caith-skin)
Debuff Filter (so you have nearly the same debuff effects like with xperl)
eePanels (so every frame is fully transparent with a panel in the background^^)(unfortunately i don't get kgpanels yet :/ )
Evil's Name Plates
Different Ace-Libs (i.e. SharedMedia for using my own fonts^^)
Magic Runes
Omni CC
Recipe Known
Rating Buster
Stat_Block (FPS, Memory, Latency, sometimes Folks and Clock too)
DBM (of course^^)

I think that Mygda's research proves not only the smart choices made behind his UI, but also shows that Mygda really thought about why parts of the UI are placed where they are. Hope you guys enjoy this tangent from the normal. What do you think of this completely different design for an interface and the research made behind it.

Want to share your UI with the other readers? feel free to email me a small description as well as a screenshot of your Interface to


  1. Can't look at pretty pictures unless you care to share your gmail log in info... :)

  2. fixed, thanks to multiple people for the heads up, still learning lol.

  3. what addon is she using to display her attacks/dmg, kinda looks like scrolling combat text

  4. That would be Mik's Scrolling Battle Text, or MSBT for short. Great for displaying a ton of information easily.

  5. I like the fact that is it well thought out. I like the fact that it is functional.

    But I can't get past the fact that it looks ugly to my eyes. No symmetry, stuff just floating in the middle of the screen, random blank spaces, I would not enjoy playing with something that is not pleasing to my eye.

  6. Lol Sympa UI ripoff

  7. Sympa here. This is a 100% rip of my ui. Lawl. He refferences everyone but me. What a tard.