Friday, December 11, 2009

Hooray the End of All Things Sad and Depressing!

Well it's done, it may not be pretty, but it's done. I am finished with all of my finals. Beginning with a final english paper, and then a physics exam the next day, and a engineering calculus exam the very next day, I felt swamped, overwhelmed, and downright near insane. It was weeks like these which made me wonder if my choice of mechanical engineering as my major was a good or bad choice. Oh well time will tell. All of that to say: I am done with finals, I am off for 3 weeks, and I will be blogging!

Today I would like to ask what you think of action bar mods. I personally used bongos in the past followed by dominoes, and then followed by bartender 4. Last night, I tried out a new addon for action bars, macaroon. This is the first addon I have found since dominoes replaced bongos that allows you to create bars and have them have as many buttons as you want. I was so excited to see that I once again had the ability to create bars which are 1X20 or any other super random combination I could think of. What about you? What action bar mod are you using? Why do you use the one you use? and what would you like for the author to change that you think would make it better?

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  1. Well I just switched from bartender to dominos. They are extrodinarily similar I was surprised to see, but dominos seems to be more polished and intuitive.

    More to the point, Dominos works, and ever since 3.3 bartender has been giving me issues, sometimes not displaying some bars when I zone from one place to another in game.

    Both of these mods, however, have my favourite feature, which is the fader. These days unless I hover my mouse over something or I'm in combat, my screen is pretty much completely free of UI elements.

    As for what could be better about Dominos or other action bar mods? All I can think is to combine the action bar mod with a good unit frames and map mod for one stop shop for all your basic must have UI addons,

    Anyway, glad you're back

    - Zupa