Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Pitbull and it's endless possibilities.

So today I am going to talk aout the best Mod I have found out there for unit frames. On my mage (my main) I currently use pitbull for all my unit frame needs. The thing that is most amazing about pitbull, is it's amount of customization. Pitbull is configured via the use of layouts, you then apply these layouts to the different units. This is nice, because I am able to use the same layout for my target as I use for my player. Pitbull can be configured to show as much or as little information as you want. For my mage, I have two settings, one for PVP and one for PVE.

My PVE set up is designed to show me all the information I need to know about my party/raid, as well as knowing what percent the boss is at. Not a ton of information needed here, so I made it flashy and fun. On the other hand, my PVP set up for pitbull is very streamlined. it is what you see on my screenshots. It shows (in a very large lettering) my health and mana, that's it, for me everything else is just excess that I do not need on my unit frames. I use other addons for vital information, that way my information is not crowded into a small unit frame. With both my set ups, I have my unit frame and my target frame in the middle bottom of my UI, it makes it so my eyes don't have to do much moving, and helps me avoid tunnel vision when fighting.

What addon do you use for unit frames? do you use the default frame? How are your unit frames configured? What was your thought process when you set your unit frames up?

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  1. I did use Pitbull for a long time but started to have Issues with it as at times the health bars shown to me had no resemblance to real health.

    As I play a lot of characters, some of them healers, and most players don't appreciate it if they get to watch their health slowly this was a problem. I needed to be able to trust the bars I could see- without it I was useless.

    Now I actually use two different add-ons for my unit frames. For my own health, that of my target, and my pet (when applicable) I'm using Shadowed Unit Frames which isn't as flexible as Pitbull but is a lot more accessible and doesn't seem to report that all is well until I die. I don't have SUF running party bars though, that I leave to the VuhDo addon. Whilst this' often viewed as "For Healers" I'm actually finding it exceptionally useful even when I'm tanking or doing DPS, it's very nice to be able to glance over to check what's going on and in the case of my Paladin tank be able to peel mobs off a player by clicking on their bar.

    No portraits, no casting bars, no faff; just their names, health, a small mana bar on the basis that if a DPS is going to die when I'm healing it may as well be the one out of mana (Harsh but fair..), incoming heals, and a massive red border for when they pull agg.